Story telling bout the QUEEN

Hello . I am the QUEEN in this beautiful palace named d-way-i-feel . Let me introduce myself ,

I am 163cm , 40kg(in process to gain weight) , LOVE blue , purple and green colour , loud-GIRL , freaking love to smile :) , talk-active , funny-GIRL :P

I am now Addicted to ^ ^chocolate^ ^music^ ^photoshoot^ ^shoes^ ^egg tart^ ^ shopping^ ^window shopping^ .^

My Attitude ? @ wild @ shy ( sometimes ) @ nice to anyone who are nice @ stubborn @ naughty @ easy to cry ( i hate that ! ) lastly > @ in process to be polite ^^

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Going Out !

Today is the first time I see the crowd , meet the people since the "incident" . I feel so shy when I was surrounded with a lot of people . I have no confident at all bout my face. almost crying at the airport , pretend to be cool as possible . OMG ! A terrible experience ! After some time I got my confident . Just then , I can stop feel so fool :) For sure I dont stare anyone cause I feel like they staring at me ?? , My feet still hurt . I cant walk properly , and I was really really polite cause lot of  "alim" people there sending their relatives to Makkah for HAJJ . Anyway , I feel so good after just staying at house ,  <3


mis.ray said...

hoho, bia btol mkcik, ko pegy airport ke. pilot ncem ada ? haha :)

Nur farhana said...

miz ray , pilot tu adew jew , cumew nyer ta tgk jew , coz manyak sgt owg wat drama nanis kat ctuh :P