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Hello . I am the QUEEN in this beautiful palace named d-way-i-feel . Let me introduce myself ,

I am 163cm , 40kg(in process to gain weight) , LOVE blue , purple and green colour , loud-GIRL , freaking love to smile :) , talk-active , funny-GIRL :P

I am now Addicted to ^ ^chocolate^ ^music^ ^photoshoot^ ^shoes^ ^egg tart^ ^ shopping^ ^window shopping^ .^

My Attitude ? @ wild @ shy ( sometimes ) @ nice to anyone who are nice @ stubborn @ naughty @ easy to cry ( i hate that ! ) lastly > @ in process to be polite ^^

Monday, January 31, 2011

I am walk away from you ,

here, the story begin with , a unlovely place (for me) and every time I make a step to go out from here , it just feel like I am going to a place with thousands of shoes and handbags . Can you imagine how delighted I was ? I cant describe why I hate being here , I just hate it . Cant wait even a second to go out from here . God why am I here ? I am not questioning You , just let me out from here . Its will be such a pleasant if I am not here by this end of this year !

For this entry I put a link of a video by Taufiq , a person I sulking with right now , but I just love this video even I cant understand every and each word he sang . Have FUN ! Here the link , <3
I dont think all of you can open up this link , ngee~

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didiyana said...

blog walking..nice blog btw..kalau free singgah la kat my blog..